Saturday, 10 October 2009

2nd Property / Landlord Wanted... So we can offer more community involvement.

This is a bit of a long shot but after looking high and low for a second property we have found nothing.. Well we did find a couple, but one place was too expensive and one place isnt quite finished...

So we have decided to reach out to you lot. Do you know a landlord with a reasonable sized property that isnt being used?? 3000 - 6000 sqft?? the closer the better to Ouseburn valley, easily accessible by public transport is a plus as i know designers are not fans of a long walk especially in the coming winter months..

We require very little in means of amenities, "Lights, toilet and some running water" is about it. Really hoping to find a space so that we can get more of the community involved. We want to put on more workshops and come and have a go days for the local communities and local artists at no fee to the designers. but we require the extra space to be able to offer you Upholstery stations, Woodwork room, Spray booth, Paint rooms and a sanding station etc.....

If you can help or have any ideas then please drop us an email:

There are so many creative artists around newcastle without the space or the tools to create whats in there head.. Let us find a place so we can offer them the space at no cost to the designer. Refunk Your Junk works off commissions from pieces that have been designed. No sale no fees to the creator.

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Recycling, Green Events, Art & Craft Days... Newcastle Upon Tyne

Hey all,

Just wanting all you keen recyclers in Newcastle to please let us know of any events that are happening around the north east that involve recycling, so we can add them to our blog and keep the rest of the NE up to date on all the comings or goings on.

Happy to add your event or day from furniture, Clothing to even xmas tree recycling, just drop us an e-mail with the wording and we will happily post your event in our blog

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Holiday Over back to the Grindstone...

Back at the design table at Refunk Your Junk.. Rested and full of inspiration.

For those of you who check back regularly, I thought i would just let you we are now back and open as usual. Wed/Thu/Sat/Sun (11am - 5pm) Collection & Delivery days are still Tue & Fri.

Feel free to ask any questions about our pieces, or even if you need some advice on a piece your doing for yourself we are happy to help out.

Dont forget.. "Dont Tip it Recycle it".

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