Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Mary Queen of Shops Furniture Recycling and Quirky business Refunk your junk

This had to be blogged!!..

If i get 5 phone calls in one day with 5 different people mentioning this programme I think the rest of you may want to know about it.

Mary Queen of shops!!.. fabs out under the moon...

Check it out here:

BBC Video found here

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Byker Bridge Project.... Read for yourself.

I always knew there was something hidden on the byker side..

Byker Bridge Project: Newcastle Housing Association (is that Newcastle council??)

Then sold in EBGBees - Heaton i think??

Info off there website: The workshop provides occupation to a maximum of 12 people on a paid basis at any one time. Pay (therapeutic earnings) is paid at the rate of five pounds per week. Workshop users are expected to work for 20 hours per week, (five days at 4 hours per day).

Some fantastic pieces come out of this place and are sold on Heaton road as far as i am aware.

They really get there moneys worth as these pieces are done to perfection... sanded down better than they could be stripped.

Keep up the hard work Byker Bridge. maybe one day you will get comisson per piece like Refunk Your Junk Designers get

Whats this i hear about a take over?? Is this a whisper or truth??

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Woop Woop Woooooop - Van Back on the road!!..

Hello all, just dropping this onto the blog to let you know we now have a van back on the road, that will be available for collections from Monday.. (All be it a pimped out version of the one that is in the garage still)... and possibly we may not have got the writing off it as its all over the shop!!, I may give it the shabby chic look.. i honestly wish i could.. just a pot of farrow and balls bit of wire wool and it would look fab!!.. hmmmm I think our proffessional car sprayer neighbour in Alspray may have a word or two to comment about that!!..

Thanks to Millers auction house we have secured a cheap but fingers crossed reliable van to get back out there. (I think the autioneer thought i was mad bidding on a van i hadnt seen!!!).. and maybe i was.. impulse!!.. had a feeling about it ;-).. may all go wrong.. i seriously have no luck with vans!!

Its sadly been 3 months now that we have been stuck without a van as the old one was being fitted with a new engine!!.. we were told it will be finished next week, but have heard this for months, arghhhh, not only the engine but then a gear box, then a clutch!!.. where does it stop??... so crazily i was viewing furniture at the local auction and just as i was one minute bidding on a sweet little sewing box going at a bargin price of £5.. it was fab so in need of TLC and some refunking.. I found out there was a van being auctioned off!!.. NEXT!!

All hammer and tongs as you do in a auction.. possibly slightly carried away with it, still thinking i was bidding on a £3 shelf!! the price went down too £100 i Bidded!!.. and i bidded again.. just like furniture i have bought in the past!! I couldnt stop!!.. I decided I wanted it!!

Oh MY!!... the other bidder stopped!!!!.. Sooo we are now back on the road :-),

Collections / Deliveries you name it we can help out. dont forget we do have a few things we just dont have room for.. those bizzare creations Wall Units!!, and sadly sofas & armchairs....

Armchairs Pre 1950 I do have a market for if anyone is having trouble finding a home for them.. I have a list of people willing to take them to re-upholster. (infact ill do a seperate blog for that). we will seriously make very few pennies.. but any upholsterers that do take them we always ask for a picture to add to the blog. it seems battered, torn, ripped or with no springs you name it they want it, (but want it for nothing) - fair enough I say, if your going to spend that long on a piece you need the piece cheap, I have an arm full of upholsterers after them. Just let us know.


Collections.. give us a shout, and ill squeeze you in. Hard wood is the best, as we can refurbish it in someway.. paint it, sand it, oil it, clean it, dop it, strip it, wax it, stress it... anything else we will do our best.

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Saturday, 26 June 2010

BBC Radio, National Recycle Week, Refunk Your Junk

BBC Newcastle reports on Recycle Your Furniture & Refunk Your Junk - Ouseburn

Hear the radio broadcast here.

Thanks to Jonathan Miles for the interview.

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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

New items coming in this week.. Watch out used furniture Newcastle

Hi all as we do regularly below are some of the new items that are coming in this week: Watch out on Ebay for more details or drop us an email if you want sneek pics before all the rest, dont forget feel free to send your requests and we will do our best to find them for you.

1, Small Slate coffee table
2, Dressing Table Stool
3, Pine coffee Table
4, Drop leaf Table (with angled edges)
5, 2 pine Bedside cabinets
6, 2 Mahogany bedroom chairs
7, large Chest of Drawers - Deep drawers
8, Oak Armchair
9, Chippendale style dinning room chairs
10, 4 Wardrobes
11, 2 Dressing Tables.
12, Davenport repro desk (In studio now) - lovely piece
13, Roll back Chesterfield armchair
14, Button back chesterfield armchair - needs new cushion and some work.
15, George III Side chair

All of these items are due to be hitting our Ebay store over the weekend..

So watch this space, any questions let us know and we will do our best to send photos to those of you who get in touch first.

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Friday, 18 June 2010

Local Food Straight to your door, Everyone likes a little Junk with there tasty local food!!

Not only does refunk your junk offer you a great range of tables, seats, coffee table.. but once you have your lovely new table are sat down and ready to entertain eat and be merry..

Why not visit:

"Food Local Food" is your local online weekly food shop.

They deliver quality fresh local food and drink direct to your door, sourced from over 100 local suppliers.

Buying quality doesn’t mean paying more, if you buy locally. Why not check their prices to see what great value local food can be. And remember you’re protected by their no quibble money back guarantee! visit

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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

New Items coming soon June 2010 Recycle Your Furniture Refunk Your Junk

For those of you looking for new unique and hard to find bits.

See below some of the new items we have coming into stock this week / month:

Photos & sizes will follow once they have arrived:

1, C1900 Roll back Chesterfield style Chair (in need of some upholstery)
2, French Style ladies desk
3, Chesterfield wing back armchair (in need of some upholstery & TLC)
4, 4 Bent Oak chairs
5, Marble effect coffee table with ornate legs
6, Dressing / Piano stool (Queen Anne legs double width to a normal piano stool)
7, Oak Sideboard / Dresser
8, Lovely Ornate sideboard
9, Decrotive Drop Leaf dinning Table
10, 4 Queen Anne style chairs (joints need a bit of attention)
11, Oak Georgian Side Chair
12, Davenport Armchair (repro)

More item all the time so keep tuned to our blog for immediate updates on items due to be coming in

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Saturday, 5 June 2010

New items in stock - coming to EBay Soon

See below new items due to hit our ebay shop soon.

Or get in early and purchase these in our studio today!!

Duke Box - (Missing a selector we think) But still very retro and ideal show piece
Extendable Dinning table
10 Chairs (Variety including ladder backs etc..) all hard wood
Oak Dinning Table
Telephone Seat
Bureau Bookcase
Drop Leaf oval Oak Table
Double Bed - Bed Ends (with ornate flowers style)

All available in our studio from today..

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Refunked Childs bed - recycled and redesigned in house @ Refunk Your Junk Ouseburn Valley

Refunk your Junk & Recycle Your Furniture.

Below are some of the before and after photos of refunk your junk design team work.

Again another order from a local resident who wanted something original sweet, practical and unique for her children - what mother wouldnt??

Below is one of the recent orders for a bed refunked that we had in stock.

End price for full service which included the below services
Artists design and creation of one off design £70.00
Bed full repaint £65.00
Purchase of Bed £29.99

Total cost for this unique childs bed £164.99

And the best thing is its all recycled and using local talent to create the final piece.

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Shabby Chic Ornate Distressed Dinning Table Refunk your Junk

Below is a recent order we have had:

Customer has looked all around newcastle show rooms for the ideal table and finding prices ranging from £200 - £1500 for a table to suit.

Refunk Your Junk and recycle Your Furniture set to work and have created this lovely refunked shabby chic dining table for a fraction of the cost.

We have managed to suplly a recycled table and refunked it for only £130
(Price included purchase of table already in stock and refunking service).
Saving from £70 - £1370 for there ideal table

You could find your own table and bring it to us to save even more ££££'sss

See before & after pictures below:

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