Thursday, 23 April 2009

outside slowly being cleaned up..

Well last couple of days has seen one fab new designers come on board Katia, who has a background of furniture creation and already started to rip a part a over used telephone table to refunk.

Rae is still; striving forward with some fantastic art work on several pieces at once, all very different aswell.

Claire has returned from a short break away, and has dived straight back into her creations, including a really cute re-covering project and and a new trolley style table that looks like it will be very stylish in black. I actually feel there is a bit of structure now she is back, and she has us all starting at 10am again :-)

Pamela has been in today giving me some extra website support and varnishing her first piece that is looking really good.

Friday tomorrow: We have a new lad joining luckily will balance the numbers a bit, Mike has shown us some very funky and cool recycled musical instruments he has made at home - watch this space and our designers board for more information on his pieces and were his creativity unfolds in furniture.

Still aiming to come back and tell you how we got this far, and promise i will be back in the not too distant future with an update.

Main roller shutter has finally been painted, much to the shock of our landlord.. Think he was after blue to match his car!!. sorry P (its only an undercoat i promise).

Thanks to the lovely lady we collected a few items from today in Fenham, Not all the designers have seen them yet, but i am pritty sure something great will come of them very soon. Maybe even a Strawberry coverd Ercol chair!! 60's funk

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Sunday, 19 April 2009

Recyle Your Furniture & Refunk Your Junk

Exciting team based furniture recycling initiative.

We are all relatively new to Blogging, but feel this is possibly the best way to keep yourselves and our team up to date on what is going on, some of us pass like ships in the night only seeing half finished tables, and pots of paint that have been moved since our last studio visit.

We have just refreshed and updated our websites:;

Our main online shop and studio / sales floor is due to be opening up in May 2009 (Fingers crossed.

What are we all about??
We are a furniture recycling project with a personal touch; hopefully with a feel of community spirit, training and involvement adding a bit of artistic creation to your home at very reasonable price. and we do all this this by receiving furniture donations from yourselves, we collect unwanted or even slightly damaged furniture and reintroduce it back to the public, please read our website for more details.

We really hope you will check back at our blog and our website regularly as we plan to have lots artistic re funked furniture at great prices.

later on in the week i will be adding a bit more about how we have got this far, who is involved and after that we will be keeping you all informed on the project as we go along.

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